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    is a group of Programs

  • RPM


    Bluetooth and 4G devices to take readings for Blood Pressure,
    Blood Glucose, Weight and SpO2

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  • CCM


    Comprehensive Care Plan and support for both Complex and
    Non-Complex CCM

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  • AWV


    Health Risk Assessment, Cognitive impairment assessment and
    PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 Depression assessment

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  • BHI


    General BHI and
    Psychiatric CoCM

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  • PCM


    Specialists can reimburse for providing care management services

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  • PCM


    Humhealth has a complete and user-friendly transition workflow

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  • RTM


    A program for Physical and Occupational therapists

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Key Features

  • Humhealth Video Calling feature

    Video Calling

  • Humhealth Text message feature

    Text Message

  • Humhealth VOIP integration feature

    VOIP Integration

  • Humhealth Care plan feature

    Care Plan

  • Humhealth quick enrollment feature

    Quick Enrollment

  • Humhealth realtime tracking feature

    Realtime Tracking

  • Humhealth automated timer feature

    Automated Timer

  • Humhealth Smart insights feature

    Smart Insights

RPM Key Features CCM Key Features

Mobile Features

  • Humhealth Device Integration

    Device Integration

    Bluetooth devices like Blood Pressure monitor, Glucometer, Pulse Oximeter and Weight Scale can be integrated to record Patient Vital Readings

  • Humhealth Careplan

    Care Plan

    Patients can view their updated care plan using the mobile app

Humhealth Mobile app
  • Humhealth self assessment


    Patients can record their self-assessment data (Vitals,
    Symptoms, Physical Activities, Diet)

  • Humhealth Call Summary

    Call Summary

    Patients can also view the call summary

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  • Month to Month Contract

  • Affordable pricing,
    No Hidden Fees,
    No Penalty

  • Optimize Clinician’s Performance

Glimpse of pricing for all programs

  • $95

    for each Billing Practitioner per month includes unlimited CCM patients.

  • $100

    for Healthcare Call Centers per month includes 200 CCM Patients. 50 cents per additional CCM patient

Additional Price for Different RPM Device Configurations

  • Option A

    Humhealth Bluetooth Devices with Mobile ApplicationBluetooth Devices with Mobile Application

    $3 per month per patient for HUMHEALTH RPM fee including Bluetooth Integration.
    Rechargeable Weight Scale : $22Rechargeable Glucometer : $15

    Glucometer Box of 50 Test Strips : $5.92

    Glucometer Box of 100 Lancets : $1.50

    Glucometer Lancing Device : $1.50

    Blood Pressure Monitor : $27

    Pulse Oximeter : $27

    ECG With BP : $79

    Peak Flow Meter : $69

    Thermometer : $27

  • Option B

    Bluetooth Devices with GatewayBluetooth Devices with Gateway

    $3 per month per Patient for HUMHEALTH RPM fee.

    $2 per month per gateway for 4G Gateway transmission.

    Gateway (per household) : $48Rechargeable Weight Scale : $22

    Rechargeable Glucometer : $15

    Glucometer Box of 50 Test Strips : $5.92

    Glucometer Box of 100 Lancets : $1.50

    Glucometer Lancing Device : $1.50

    Blood Pressure Monitor : $27

    Pulse Oximeter : $27

    ECG With BP : $79

    Peak Flow Meter : $69

    Thermometer : $27

  • Option C

    4G Devices4G Devices

    $3 per month per Patient for Humhealth RPM fee.

    $2 per month per device for 4G Devices Data Transmission.

    4G Blood Pressure Monitor : $55

    4G Weight Scale : $55

    4G Blood Glucose : TBD

    4G Spirometer : TBD

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We serve the following

  • Solo practice

    Solo practice

  • Group practice

    Group practice

  • Healthcare Call centers handling outsourced services

    Healthcare Call Centers handling outsourced services

  • Hospitals / Community Health Centers

    Hospitals / Community Health Centers

I am a solo practitioner, internist, and I started using HUMHEALTH for CCM care about one year ago. I had previously used, a CCM program that was integrated with my previous EMR. I found that the costlier programs still involved having to enter CCM minutes, as “structured data”. With HUMHEALTH, I just enter minutes directly into that program. My overhead was decreased substantially, and I have more than doubled my CCM minutes, and billable CCM patients. Support is great. This is a simple effective program and I highly recommend HUMHEALTH for CCM management.

Dr. Javier A Valadez


Sunset Clinic PA, Dallas, TX

I have been a nurse for 20 years and now own a Chronic Case Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Company. I have had to use every EMR there is within my career and have always wished that they would “flow” like our brains as healthcare workers do. HUMHEALTH does just that! It is extremely user friendly, makes complete sense in the layout and flow, allows me to make customizable questions for ICD-10 codes to help make my nurses jobs easier and has an amazing support staff. The ease of use is so that It only takes me a couple hours to teach my new nurses how to use it. It also allows for complete oversight as an admin on what my employees are doing. I highly recommend HUMHEALTH for CCM and RPM services as I do not believe other EMR systems compare.

Heather Beck

LVN, President

C&S Health Services, LLC