Integrating behavioral health care with primary care (“behavioral health integration” or “BHI”) is an effective strategy for improving outcomes for people with mental or behavioral health conditions.

Types of BHI Services

  • 1. General
  • 2. Psychiatric Coordinated Care Management (CoCM)

Care team members

  • 1. Treating (Billing) Practitioner
  • 2. Beneficiary
  • 3. Potential Clinical Staff
  • 4. Psychiatric Consultant

Service Components

Initial assessment

  • Initiating visit (if required, separately billed)
  • Administration of applicable validated rating scale(s)
  • Systematic assessment and monitoring, using applicable validated clinical rating scales
  • Care planning by the primary care team jointly with the beneficiary, with care plan revision for patients, whose condition is not improving
  • Facilitation and coordination of behavioral health treatment
  • Continuous relationship with a designated member of the care team