The goal tracking feature is available for the following modules.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring workflow 1

    Physical activities

    Step count, Walking, Yoga, Swimming, Aerobic, Bicycling, Running, Strength Training, playing Basket Ball and Soccer, Skipping and Climbing can be tracked.

  • Patient Monitoring workflow 2

    Healthy Eating

    Calories intake and Calories burned can be tracked.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring workflow 3

    Stress Management

    Stress management assessment can be done and the appropriate intervention can be recommended.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring workflow 3

    Sleep Management

    The duration of deep sleep and light sleep can be tracked.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Devices workflow 4

    Water intake

    Based on the patient’s gender, age and weight, the water intake will be recommended.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Devices workflow 4

    Healthy Weight

    It is mainly useful for the patients with high cholesterol and hypertension chronic conditions. Weight reduction goal can be set and tracked.

The mobile app can be used by RPM patients to take vital readings for Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SpO2, Temperature, Peak Expiratory Flow Rate and ECG through Bluetooth connectivity.

Patient Physical Activity
Patient Physical Activity
Patient Vitals Device
Patient Weight
Patient Weight

Physician and Clinician:

The Physician and Clinician can view the details of the patients including care plan, Service summary along with the vital readings. Vital alerts are raised for the device readings which fall outside the normal range. The Physician can take appropriate action to ensure the patient’s well-being and close the alert.

Physician CCM Dashboard
Physician CCM Dashvoard
Physician RPM Dashboard
Physician RPM Dashboard
Physician Patient List with Search
Physician Patient list search
Physician recommendation by audio
Physician voice recording 1