4G Hub Streams Continuous Vital Data and One 4G Hub Handles Multiple Users

Humhealth, a leading provider of innovative remote care solutions, has the capability to integrate with an advanced 4G Telehealth Gateway Hub and 4G vital monitoring devices. It’s the best alternative for mobile app-based vital readings.

Designed to streamline RPM and enhance patient care, Humhealth 4G Telehealth Gateway Hub is both Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and PTCRB-certified, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards.

Empowering Patients with Seamless Connectivity

The Humhealth 4G Telehealth Gateway Hub offers patients a seamless solution for synchronizing vital readings from a range of devices. Elderly patients no longer need to navigate mobile apps. Instead, they can effortlessly sync data with the Gateway Hub, making healthcare management more accessible and convenient. Humhealth 4G Telehealth Gateway transmits a stream of continuous vital data and also spot-checks vital data.

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Cost-effective monitoring for better health outcomes

Recognizing the financial burden of managing multiple devices, Humhealth offers a cost-effective solution for patients using multiple monitoring devices. With affordable pricing options tailored to meet diverse patient needs, Humhealth makes Remote Patient Monitoring more accessible than ever before.

Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring

Humhealth’s 4G Telehealth Gateway Hub integrates seamlessly with a variety of devices, including Blood Pressure Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Glucometers, Peak Flow Meters, and BP Monitors with ECG capabilities. Patients can synchronize historical readings from these devices, enabling healthcare providers to track vital trends and optimize patient care. Humhealth is drop-shipping the shared 4G gateway to the household with multiple patients. A shared 4G gateway can be configured at the nursing home to send vitals to multiple patients within a 30-foot radius.

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Humhealth Branded 4G Blood Pressure Monitor and 4G Scale are high quality and at the best price.

Optimizing Healthcare with Advanced Analysis

The integration of advanced analysis devices with Humhealth’s RPM software optimizes healthcare by offering fast and valuable insights into patient health. Providing essential data at regular intervals, these devices aid in the early detection of health issues, allowing caretakers to intervene promptly, thereby, enhancing patient care.

Enhanced Fall Prevention and Active Living

Incorporating advanced fall prevention technology, Humhealth 4G Smartwatch offers added security for seniors and individuals with mobility concerns. Equipped with sensors and algorithms to detect sudden changes in motion and orientation, the smartwatch triggers timely SOS alerts in the event of a fall, ensuring prompt medical attention and preventing further injury. Additionally, the sedentary reminder feature promotes active living by prompting patients to move after extended periods of inactivity.

Fast and Reliable Remote Patient Monitoring with Humhealth

Humhealth is dedicated to enhancing Remote Patient Monitoring through timely and regular readings. Offering transparent pricing options, FDA-approved devices, and intuitive Remote Patient Monitoring software, Humhealth enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized care and enhance patient outcomes effectively.

Please visit https://www.humhealth.com/


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